Dream Land

Yup, I've been dreaming to work in a coffee shop, or owning a coffee shop myself.
People will come here and just enjoy the coffee to stay away from the hectic pace of modern life.
Play the vinyl records...be it classical or indie music.

It's sad that we can't find any of these in the city. 

The closest we can get to is just Starbucks.
Sometimes I can't even find a place to sit down because it's so packed of people just like Kopitiam and not to mention the noise they make.
I can't even enjoy my cup of coffee and the peace I am supposed to have.
Nowadays, people just prefer takeaway coffees...mixed with ice or something.
What's the point?
Coffee is all about the its scent and you are just drinking it like soda. 


Sit down...savour it...sip by sip.